We offer private violin, piano, and small ensemble lessons for students of all abilities, ages 4 and up.  Each year, we have two recitals, typically held in May and December.  Participation is encouraged, but not required.  Lessons are 25 or 45 minutes in length for private students, and 45 minutes or 1 hour for small ensembles.  Rates vary depending on the level of commitment (i.e., semester, school year, monthly).  Contact us for more information!


Megan Bailey uses the Bastien method by Jane and James Bastien for most adolescent students.  The Bastien books provide a comprehensive, easy to follow progression of instruction through out their books, beginning with the Traditional Primer Lessons through the six volumes of Piano Literature.  

For preschool-age students, Megan uses the Music for Little Mozarts, published by Alfred Publishing Company, either exclusively through the four books or as a supplement.  If used exclusively, the student progresses to the Bastien series with Level one after completion of the Little Mozarts books.

Adult students use either the Adult Piano Student books by David Carr Glover, or Alfred's Adult Piano Course.  Once these books are completed, the student moves into the Piano Literature books by Bastien.  

Regardless of the method, Megan provides theory lessons from a variety of sources.




Megan Bailey uses different methods depending on the age and knowledge of the student.  For younger students, the Sassmannshaus books are typically used through book 2.  At that point, Megan switches to Suzuki book 2.  Unlike traditional Suzuki method which focuses heavily on fingerings and ear training, Megan believes it is also important for students to learn how to read music and understand the theory of the notes they're reading.  This enables students to progress beyond the method books and follow other musical genres, such as jazz, rock, blues, and more.  


Megan Bailey has coached a variety of ensembles throughout the years, including chamber, orchestra, and contemporary music.  If you have an ensemble that needs direction, ideas for music, or are looking to form a new ensemble, call us today!