Bailey's Music Adventures

A child's early years are the prime period for intellectual development. Recent studies suggest that playing and listening to music at a young age improves learning, memory, reasoning ability, and general creativity. Research also supports the theory that young children who are exposed to music develop enhanced cognitive skills. These studies show that music instruction enhances a child's abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning science and math. The influences of music go far beyond the intellectual and physical developments of the child. Studying music contributes to the growth of a well-balanced child in sensitivity, expressiveness, and the spirit essential for functioning in a complicated world.

Bailey's Music Adventures combines singing, listening, music appreciation, movement, and rhythm activities.  Each class offers a variety of activities designed to develop creativity in the young child.  The activities are specialized, with particular consideration for a young child's small hands and limited attention span.  Contact us today to schedule your free trial class!

Class Descriptions

Rhythm Movers (2-, 3-, 4- year olds)

Can you find a melody floating on the wind?  Rhythm Movers is designed with our littlest musicians in mind!  This class introduces basic concepts in music through a variety of activities, including singing, listening, and movement.

Rhythm Shakers (2-5 years)

This class is comparable to the Rhythm Movers class, but modified for the mixed age group.

Music of the World (3-5 years)

This class explores music from around the world.  We will learn about music from different regions, such as Germany, Indonesia, and many more!  We will also learn about how music has changed over time.